7.1.2023: Diary Layout up!


Dear Diary... it's been awhile, huh?! I haven't been posting too much online because I've been having some creative burnout lately. I'm trying to be productive and update the website since my hands don't want to do art or game dev... So much has happened since I last wrote though! I got my Lore Page done first and formost!

I'm excited to really sit down and type up all the story I've got built up in my head!!

About a week or two ago I saw a small kitten in my garage. He was tiny and seemed to be alone, so I knew I couldn't let him be! ...especially because it's very hot where I live and we have hawks that fly around too. Long story short!! I was able to trap him in the garage and keep him safe. I thought he was a girl for the first 3 days I had him haha...I decided to name him Pee-Wee! Based off of Pee-Wee Herman! I recently rewatched Pee-Wee's big adventure and loved it lol. I am going to get him a little red tie to wear. Tomorrow I'm actually bringing him to go get his vaccines and hopefully fixed, if he's big and old enough... I think he's 5 years old? Here's a pic!


Dear Diary... Today as been very productive! I went ahead and started creating this here diary page!! I am not totally satisfied with how it looks but I'm taking a moment to write for now! I think I want to change the 'dear diary' image up top...Honestly there is still quite a lot of stuff to do! I've been inspired to work on outside platforms because the future of twitter is somewhat uncertain :( I'd like to tweet a little less and instead use this website as a page to give updates and express myself. There will be updates on projects I'm working on and my streaming status, but I'll also use this as a little space to gush about my interests and talk about my day to day life as a desktop helper and android maid~ Since I have some time and I'm typing right now I wanted to talk a little about my day yesterday! I got my new theme song back that I commissioned off skeb! It's by Halv, an artist whose worked on various rythm games, it's so good and captures my energy perfectly! The song is called Desktop Angel! I would like to make an animation to it in the future or something...In other news I got in some goodies yesterday!! I got a cute Saya charm and Riamu sticker from BunnySleepover!

She also gave me my own custom button and a sticker of myself TToTT~

I also got this Saya no Uta Vinyl in the mail!! I was so happy to get it because I thought it was long sold out and being scalped. I haven't played it yet, but I should test it right now!! I'm most looking forward to hearing Shoes of Glass wahh~

. Other than that I don't have too much more to say? I'm pretty sure the Hololive Connect the World concert is today, so I'm feeling a little FOMO LOL. I love idols!! AX is happening this weekend too, so I'm looking forward to all the announcements coming out ^w^ ! Anyway I have a huge list of things I need to do so I should really start doing them and stop typing LOL. I'll talk to you guys later!~ Bai Bai~