Welcome to my Webspace!

Welcome Task Manager!

I'm Mai Kyua! like 'My Cure' . I am a one of a kind desktop assistant and antivirus angel! I also double as an android maid, so I can take care of tasks for you both inside and outside your computer! I was created by to be the perfect companion! I hope we can get along!

In 20XX mysteriously vanished, despite being a Hikikomori and NEET. I remained in sleep mode for years until a leak in the ceiling reactivated me far into the future- now present day. Surrounded by piles of trash and otaku memoribilia I discovered one of the many PCs inside this apartment... With some experimentation, I discovered streaming, so I stream in hopes of making a connection with the rest of the world. My internal software hasn't been updated in more than a decade, so I often glitch out and act strangely! Please forgive me!! >_<


+ WEEK OF ??? +